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Vorwärts®(Forward) – Our mission since 1907

Beilharz in Vöhringen

Pioneer in road equipment and more

The Beilharz company has made a name for itself as a long-standing pioneer in the industry. Since the beginning, we have developed innovative solutions for road equipment and thus also set standards in this field.

Today, we are also a reliable partner in metalworking and plastics processing. With state-of-the-art technologies and a highly qualified team, we are able to handle complex tasks in these areas. From the manufacture of precise metal parts to the production of high-quality plastic components - Beilharz convinces with competence and precision.

And we do not rest, but always strive for new challenges. For the best possible recycling of plastic, we at BEILHARZ have developed the Vorwärts® concept. In this way, we reduce the environmental impact of plastic waste and conserve resources. Using an innovative recycling process, old plastic parts are reprocessed and transformed into new products.

In this process, the Beilharz company convinces not only with its wide range of services, but also with its reliability and its ability to respond to individual needs. Customers can rely on high-quality results and professional support.

Certified quality management according to ISO 9001

Beilharz: guarantor for quality in metal and plastics processing

As a renowned contract manufacturer in metal and plastics processing, Beilharz has placed the highest priority on quality and customer satisfaction. With effective quality management, all production processes are continuously monitored, optimised and documented to meet the individual needs of customers. Beilharz works closely with its customers and places great emphasis on compliance with industry standards and ISO 9001 certification to underline its high quality and customer satisfaction.

Beilharz actively invests in the education and training of its employees to strengthen their competence and know-how. Regular training and development programmes keep the team up to date with the latest technology. Employees can expand their expertise and develop innovative solutions. These investments help to ensure that Beilharz is recognised as an experienced contract manufacturer in metal and plastics processing and can always deliver first-class products and services.

Certified environmental management according to ISO 14001

Our corporate culture: quality and sustainability hand in hand

Our corporate culture is not only based on quality, but also on sustainability and environmental as well as social responsibility. We are deeply rooted in our decisions and actions to promote these values. Our environmental management system has been successfully certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001 by our certification partner DEKRA.

We use targeted measures to improve our carbon footprint every year. For example, we produce about 65% of our own electricity needs through our photovoltaic system and our combined heat and power plant. During the day, the solar energy generated largely supplies our machines, while surplus renewable energy is fed into the power grid. We also conduct regular energy consultations to tap further potential for energy management.