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Good for the environment

Saving resources while protecting the environment!

Beilharz has specialized in the recycling of old plastic parts. Using a special process, these parts are washed, filtered and processed into plastic granulate. This homogenized granulate can then be returned to production. This recycling process is not only environmentally friendly as it reduces the amount of waste, but also saves resources as less virgin material needs to be produced.

Beilharz thus contributes to reducing waste and protecting the environment, and we support our customers in achieving their environmental goals.

Recycling of plastic parts

Sustainability is not a trend, but a necessity - we show how it's done!

We offer the possibility to take back old and damaged plastic parts. Our own vehicles take care of the return if required. At our site in Vöhringen, the returned material is separated from foreign matter such as soil, metal, wood or glass.

The plastic parts are then shredded, cleaned and dried in our recycling facilities. At the end of this process, HDPE flakes remain, which are used for further processing. The HDPE flakes are melted, homogenised and further filtered to safely remove any remaining foreign matter.

They are then further processed into granulate. In our own production facilities, new plastic products are created from this recyclate, together with virgin HDPE.

Through this entire process, we significantly reduce the use of raw materials and energy and thus save CO2.

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