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Contract manufacturing
Plastic blow moulding

Small or
large series

Extrusion blow molding, also known as blow molding, is a plastics processing method for the production of hollow bodies made of thermoplastics. The melted polymer is pressed through the nozzle via a screw conveyor, resulting in a tubular preform (extrusion). This is transferred to a blow mold and adjusted to the inner contours of the mold using internal pressure (blow moulding). Hollow bodies manufactured in this way are used both as primary packaging such as canisters or barrels and as technical components such as fuel tanks or ventilation ducts.

There are almost no limits to the geometry and contour.

  • Dimensions

    • Max. mold dimensions approx. 3,000 mm x 920 mm or approx. 2,300 x 1,200 mm
    • Mold depth up to 700 mm
    • Mold opening up to 700 mm
    • Wall thickness from 1 to 10 mm
  • Materials

    • HDPE, LDPE, PP
    • PPS, TPX
    • Colors according to customer requirements
  • Development & prototyping

    • Component engineering
    • Optimization of existing components
    • Creation of 3D prototypes
  • Mould construction and toolmaking

    • Tool design
    • Mould construction / toolmaking
    • Sampling small series
    • Lead time 4-8 weeks for toolmaking and production of first parts

Monolayer technology up to 5 kg article weight

In the blow moulding process, the term "monolayer" refers to a process in which an article consists of one layer and one material.

Here we offer a wide range of colours or materials.

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Multilayer - Coex-
technology up to 8 kg
Article weight

Coex technology in blow moulding refers to a process in which several layers of different plastic materials are processed simultaneously in a blow mould. "Coex" stands for "coextrusion".

For example, we can use our own recycled material in the inner layers of an article and apply the desired customer colour to the outer layer.

We support our customers in achieving necessary environmental goals!

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Technical blow moulded parts

  • Fuel tanks e.g. smaller series for vintage cars, agricultural machinery, industrial machinery
  • Canisters and containers
  • Ventilation ducts, hoses and pipes
  • Floats, buoys

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